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Get to Know Agent Stealth is the provider of the most affordable, powerful and yet simple to use real estate lead generation system available. Our stealth website systems are specially designed for real estate agents and brokers who want unlimited fresh buyer and seller real estate leads delivered instantly to their email inbox. Unlike expensive lead companies that "feed" you with unreliable leads, gives you complete and unlimited control while using the real estate tools you already know and have mastered.

The Most Affordable, Powerful and yet Simple to Use Real Estate Lead Generation System Available
With 80% of today’s buyers and sellers using the internet as their starting point, the AgentStealth Lead System provides the free tools and services that they are looking for. Many of these buyers and sellers come online to do their own research looking for specific information and want access to professional real estate tools before ever contacting an agent. Why shouldn't you be the one that they end up working with? With the AgentStealth Lead system, you can provide these potential buyers and sellers with free and easy real estate services to turn them into Your Clients.

Your Stealth Websites Will Have Buyers and Sellers Filling Up Your Email Inbox Daily
Although you might already have a personal branded website, our Stealth Websites work completely different. They are setup for the sole purpose to collect fresh client leads. A branded website is mainly about you, your personal image, your company and what you can do for a client. However, our Stealth Websites focus on the free tools and services that you can give away to your visitor while you remain "stealth". Many buyers and sellers that choose to start their real estate search on their own may feel hesitant to share their information with an agent. But with our Stealth Websites, these visitors will be more than happy to share their information with you in exchange for your professional tools and services.

Nothing New to Learn! Use the Powerful Tools You Already Know and Have Mastered
Each AgentStealth Lead System features three exclusive Stealth Websites with three unique domains names that will generate unlimited real estate leads for you. These Stealth Websites are integrated with the real estate tools that you already know and have access to. With your Realtor/MLS Association Board membership, you have access to some of the most powerful real estate tools available. Whether people want you to provide MLS Search access, provide an ongoing Properties by Email search or perform an Online CMA, you will be setup to gather these new buyer and seller leads like a Stealth Pro. Unlike other lead companies, the AgentStealth Lead System gives you complete marketing control which allows you to advertise your system anywhere you wish.  Just imagine the boost your real estate business will receive using your new exclusive Lead System.


Become Your Own Lead Generation Company
Other lead generation companies offer you little or no control on what leads you pay for and receive. You are given whatever leads that they choose, whether they are warm or cold, old or new, and on top that, they charge you large fees with no guarantees. But with the AgentStealth Lead System, you are allowed to generate an unlimited amount of business for one low price. Did you know that most expensive lead companies actually use their own stealth website systems to generate leads? These companies will then take these leads and individually sell them off to agents and brokers for extremely high fees. But by using our AgentStealth Lead System, you actually become your own lead generation company while providing valuable free tools and services to buyers and sellers. All you have to do is sit back and let your Lead System generate exclusive buyer and seller leads 24/7 that are delivered instantly to your email inbox. Your system never stops working for you, even when you are asleep!

Unlike Any Other Lead Generating System
With the AgentStealth Lead System, it allows you, the agent, to gather an unlimited amount of buyer and seller leads. Your AgentStealth Lead System includes three separate Stealth Websites which you can individually advertise anywhere. You can advertise your Stealth Websites in places such as: Newspaper, Local Ads, Newsletter, Farming Material, Craigslist, Internet Ads, Blogs, Google Adwords or anywhere else you can think of. The more exposure your sites have, the more client leads you are likely to receive. Unlike other lead companies, AgentStealth will only develop one Lead System per city. The reason for this is that we want our clients to have a unique and exclusive system for their real estate business market. We never want to create competition between two separate AgentStealth Lead Systems.

Think About Your Stealth Earning Potential
Without spending too much time trying to figure it out, let’s simply calculate how much extra commission earnings you can generate from the AgentStealth Lead System. Let’s say in the beginning you only close 2 Extra transactions per month from using the AgentStealth Lead System. How much extra annual income would that be for you? Well, based on a 3% commission and a $250,000 average transaction, your additional annual commission would be $180,000. We think that is something worth getting excited for, especially because of the low monthly cost of our system. Some of the top real estate producers in this country are using Stealth Websites to generate the majority of their business. With more and more buyers and sellers using the internet as their starting point, it only makes sense for you to become their primary online real estate tool.


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