Lake Wellington (Wichita Falls, TX)
By Deb Brooks
(Brooks Prime Properties Wichita Falls Texas)
  We all know that words spoken, inflection of voice and timing all have a great deal to do with our POWER OF COMMUNICATION. What one person hears may come across as totally different from another person that hears the same thing. Remember the old game where we would sit in a circle and whisper a line in the next person's ear? The beginning line could be as simple as: John and Mary laughed together at the dinner table. And, then by the time that line gets to the final person they have to announce what the line was. To the final person the line was... John and Mary flirted after dinner. So, okay they are close but not dead ringers! How we would laugh at that game as a child! Today though, each and every spoken word to our clients must be clear and meticulous. The POWER OF WORDS have the ...
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