Jackson School (Hillsboro, OR)
By Carol West, Real Estate Agent, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Portland
(Carol West Real Estate, LLC)
  1. Paint- A very dramatic update to your home will be attained with fresh paint. Avoid white walls by adding a soft, light wash of color that "pushes" walls back, and creates warmth and a more inviting feeling.    2. Remove old hardware on cabinet doors, bathroom and kitchen faucets. Don't forget old door knobs, starting with your front door.    3. Make the repairs you know need to be made. You will enjoy your home so much more and you will be able to sell quickly. Buyers recognize a home that is well maintained.    4. Clean out old things you are not using and give them to Goodwill where someone else can put them to good use. A sparsely decorated home with interesting, but good quality items is far more appealing than a home that is jammed with too many collectibles full of dust!    ...
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