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Dear Sellers:

I specialize in helping homeowners sell their homes in 60 days or I end up buying it (under certain circumstances).  What I wanted to do was create a win-win situation for you, the seller and me, the agent, . What happens is - at our initial listing appointment we discuss the price at which you want to list your house.  Of course, I go through the market data and the comparables to your home.  Once we agree on a price to list your home, we then put together an agreement for me to buy your home within 60 days if we do not get an offer within that time period.  This creates an automatic win-win situation for all of us.

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I have been affectionately dubbed as the short sale expert.  I have been very successful at getting banks to approval short sales for homeowners. During our meeting, if we find out that the current "value" of your home does not exceed the mortgage lien against your property, then we must do a short sale.  Now, many many agents do short sales but only roughly 2 out of 10 short sales are getting approved.  The problem is that this does not help the homeowner.  What good is it that a great talking real estate agent convinces you to list your house with them to do a short sale if they cant get it closed.  I see that little girl or little boy in that family, who will be out on the street if I dont get the short sale approved and the financial burden of their current residence is lifted.  Thats what motivates me, thats what inspires me.