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I am a native of Louisville, Kentucky. I graduated from the University of Kentucky. My background has prepared me for working with investors to help them find property on the Gulf of Mexico that will appreciate in value, and create some cash flow.

I was in the securities business, a stockbroker, in 1982. At the time the Dow Jones average was below 1000, interest rates were 15%, and the economy was terrible. During my years as a broker, the markets absorbed some real disasters. The Savings and Loan meltdown, the crash on October 19th, 1987, the dot com debacle, and the recent mortgage crisis are a few that most people can relate to. Every financial meltdown created opportunity.

That is the experience I am drawing on during the challenging real estate market we are now experiencing. I have been buying beach property since the early 90's and the common complaint I heard from people was that "they wish they would have bought a condo last year." Well, this is 5 years ago! Investors are being given a second chance to own a piece of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

 The way I do business is send prospects information on the area and followup with pertinent real estate news. Once a prospect becomes a buyer, I focus my attention on getting them the property that they want. There are a few landmines buyers should be aware of when investing in a condo. I can help you navigate those situations.


I specialize in resort property. I have owned property in Orange Beach, Gulf Shores, and I now live on the beach in Panama City Beach, Florida. I sold over $25 million in a development on Panama City Beach, AQUA condominium resort www.aqua-gulf.com In the last 4 years I have closed on over $40 million in beachfront property in Panama City Beach, mostly to cash buyers.

Beachfront property values are rebounding at a remarkable pace. Miami is one of the hottest real estate markets in the world, with over 20 high rises under construction. In Panama City Beach, the short sales and foreclosures have been cleaned up, and inventory is lighter than it has been in 5 years.

Values are still down 30% from the peak in 2007, so there is value for savy investors.  

Check out the Panama City Beach episode of BEACHFRONT BARGAIN HUNT on HGTV. I am the realtor helping a couple buy a condo in AQUA www.aqua-gulf.com after pricing condos in Destin.

Gidge & Brody Black
Tim, " It was an amazing experience being on HGTV's Beachfront Bargain Hunt and telling our story of how we had our hearts set on buying in Destin but fell in love with Aqua and Panama City Beach and could not be more pleased with the decision. We hope the country gets a glimpse of how the property, area and attractions blew us away. It is not the same PCB we remember 25 years ago." Brody Black Beachfront Bargain Hunter Tim, Thank you for your expertise and knowledge in directing us to Panama City Beach. You did good. We have been so pleased with our purchase at Aqua! Not only are we enjoying being on this beautiful, beach front resort but we love having all the amenities that Pier Park offers, including its world-famous arcade, movie theater, restaurants, shops and boutiques, all within walking distance of Aqua. We love the activities available to us here but we especially love the beauty and charm of this place!" Gidge Black Beachfront Bargain Hunter
George deZevallos
Just wanted to compliment you on your newsletter and your ability to get things done. “Folks” feel that you are on their side and have a great comfort level dealing with you. You’re not out for the last dollar so you get many dollars from loyal owners and buyers. I hope you have a great 2014 and think you will as you continue to set yourself up for success. Sincerely, George deZevallos
Debbie & Walter Dowdle
> When we decided to sale the condo at the Aqua, we called Tim French. He had been so helpful during the years that we owned our condo at Aqua. No one is more knowledgeable about the Panama City market than Tim. Considering that we were at the beach so seldom, his continual updates and advice when needed were very helpful,. > We had been considering selling our condo at the Aqua for a while but had a hard time making the final decision. With Tim's help and knowledge about the market, it was an easy process when we did decide to make the move. He gave us thoughts on the time frame it would take and the price range it could bring. We just turned it over to him. He was able to sell the unit in a few months and it was closed quickly and easily by the time he forecasted. We were so pleased with the whole experience and would like to recommend him to anyone interested in purchasing or selling a unit. > Walter and Debbie Dowdle > Aqua 309 >
Steve Lowers
We recently purchased our very first condo and we are so excited it was with Aqua. Aqua is a beautiful place in a great location. Thanks to Tim the process was pain free. We've met so many nice people along the way and are glad to be a part of the Aqua family. Steve Lowers
Dr. Bob Jantz
Tim, Jamie and I looked all over the Panhandle for a beachfront investment before we stayed at AQUA. We immediately knew this is where we wanted to be. Thanks for your expertise in helping us make our vacation home dream come true. I've been asked by some of my colleagues about Panama City Beach and feel comfortable sending them your way. I know you'll help them like you did us. Dr Bob Jantz, Nashville
Jennifer & Forrest McConnell
FYI- Tim sold our condo@ Aqua for us last month. He was awesome an awesome ally and worked diligently to deliver a buyer. Tim's tenacity was impressive and he worked a closing with finesse. Dr. Bob Jantz, who gave the testimonial below, is now the proud owner of out unit!!! If you ever decide to give up your slice of paradise at Aqua, you won't be disappointed with the expert professionalism of an experience with Tim French. Happy Thanksgiving, all! Jennifer McConnell
Greg Shumate
Will do. Tim. Been dealing with agents for 27 years here from the mortgage side. Well deserved on your part. Open communication. Facts. Attention to detail. Timely. Etc. Nicely done. See you soon. Greg Shumate
Audrey & Larry Tucker
Tim, Audrey and I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance in purchasing one of the units that were just released for sale at Aqua. There are a lot of reasons why we leapt at this opportunity. As you know, we’ve owned investment property in Panama City Beach since early 2007. We’ve carefully followed the impact of the downturn of the econom yc on real estate prices and rentals. We’ve also stayed closely attuned to important regional developments, especially the new Panama City International Airport that will be open in May 2010. Taking all of these factors into account, our condominium purchase at Aqua was an incredible value. The Emerald Coast in general—and the Aqua condominium development in particular—are spectacularly beautiful, and are unmatched elsewhere in the United States. Just today, the folks on Bloomberg were saying that there is a consensus that the trough of the economy occurred in June, and that recovery is now recognizably underway. Other factors that will propel condominium prices upward from this point include 1) the greater number of inexpensive and direct flights that will soon be available to Panama City; and 2) pent-up demand from retiring baby boomers who want to retire to sunnier and warmer climates. The best time to buy is when it’s a “buyer’s market,” and that’s what we have today. When prices start to rise and the market converts to a “seller’s market,” both price and availability will be adversely impacted. And because there are few condominium properties with an ambience and amenities that are the equal of Aqua’s, it will be the first to see higher prices and diminished availability. Thanks again for your assistance. Please feel free to share this note with others if you like.

Catch the Panama City Beach episode on HGTV's BEACHFRONT BARGAIN HUNT. I help a couple buy a condo on the beach. I can do the same for you!