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Ron Dobrosielski (that's doe-bro-shell-ski) Growing up in Salem during a time when it was safe for kids to tear around out doors, that's what I did! My brother and I were all over Salem, scaling rooftops, hopping freight trains to Ipswich, fishing-and yes, I lived to tell the story.  I will also say that Salem's architecture and history wern't lost on me, even as a boy. I was surrounded by it, and it had an impact.  Today, it is my greatest pleasure to find the right home for my clients in one of the North Shore's historic houses. Because of the booming condo market here, these irreplaceable homes are being well preserved as multiple units-and you benefit!  How else can you benefit from working with me? In a nutshell, I know all of the pieces of the puzzle.  FINANCING- What a headache-but it dosen't have to be!  And my team makes it as painless as possible.  As a former internal finance officer for a leading North Shore bank,  I know how to finance a mortgage-believe me.  APPRAISING- Done that, too. I have been a licensed appraiser in New England for many years, and I know the value of property in North Shore communities.  Outsiders just don't.  BUYING AND SELLING-Here again, I've been doing both successfully on the north Shore for almost ten years.  Before signing on with Keller Williams, I managed a real estate office in Peabody, Yes, part of my success comes from my relentless effort's on behalf of my clients.  But it also comes from really knowing the North Shore, and knowing the right"fit" for my clients-price,community,property. It all needs to work together for you. NEGOTIATING If anything needs to be negotiated on your behalf, I'm your guy, People tell me all the time, "Ron you know too much."  Again, I know all the pieces of the puzzle, and this knowledge will serve you well. I'm in it for you. JUST LOOKING?FIRST TIMER? Not a problem! We've all been there. But there are some strategies you can put in place now so you're ready to act when you find the right home. You don't want to wait until the last minute, because the process takes time. So...Buying?Selling?Just looking? How Can I help make these easy? Cont me! Your friend Ron Dobrosieslki  P>S Did I mention fishing? I was raised on it. and I've passed the tradition along to my own kids.  When you work with me, we will talk condos for sure, bu we might also talk fishing.


Appraiser: Three years.

Mortgages: Five years.

Real Estate: Nine years.


I love the North Shore and its history, taking care of my family, my clients, sports and fishing - and not necessarily in that order! My experience appraiser, mortgages and real estate for 15 years.