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Hi, I'm Ron Arnold, founder of Assistive Technology Services. background includes over 25 years in the computer and healthcare industries; it was my experience in caring for my own mother and her encouragement that inspired me to start ATS.  I spent almost 10 years caring for my mother, Helen. Her health problems began with intestinal surgery. This resulted in her having an Ileosotomy leaving her with a colostomy bag. During her lengthy stay in the hospital, she developed a level 4 dicubitus ulcer (major bed sore) on her bottom. The surgery and bed sore were shortly followed by a heart attack and then stroke, leaving her with a multitude of secondary conditions. She was morbidly obese; oxygen dependent due to Emphysema, diagnosed with Dementia, and was declared legally blind. While her health was failing, her will to live independently did not. She refused to leave her home and refused the help of institutionalized care. Being able to care for her needs in a way that was suitable to her and possible for me living nearly 100 miles away became my life and my mission. Not only did I need to develop solutions that would allow my mother to be able to live independently at home, but also economically without the high cost of 24 hour in home nursing care.Using my expertise in electronics and experience in the healthcare industry, I evaluated her needs and provided many devices that allowed her to continue to live at home and care for herself in many ways. One of the many solutions I implemented was an internet video monitoring system that allowed me to ‘check-in' on her and view snapshots of what occurred during the day. This gave both of us a great feeling of comfort and security knowing that I could watch what was happening without being there.While my mother passed away earlier this year, it is with great comfort that I know I was able to provide her with the quality of life she wanted in her remaining years. It is now my greatest hope and desire to assist other caretakers and disabled individuals in finding the same quality of life and peace of mind.

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   Our mission is to provide evaluation, consultation and assistive devices to make the quality of life better for those that need a little help.