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Get to Know Joey Yaffe

New City is a different kind of residential remodeling company, licensed in Maryland and Washington, DC. 

Our Specialty: Complex projects, such as full-gut rehabs, large additions, whole-house remodeling jobs and multifamily buildings and 203k projects.

Our Competitive Edge: A unique background in strategy, project planning and management, so we can handle all your complications, such as permitting, short construction timetables, structural problems, historic requirements, lead, asbestos and mold. We often complete projects after other contractors fail.

Our Obsession: A great client experience from beginning to end. Your renovation project should be a rewarding experience, not a painful one.

We are a 203k-approved contractor, and have done many, many 203k projects. Our experience makes a huge difference since we know the process in and out.  We make it easy for our clients, agents, lenders and inspectors.


When you undertake a remodeling project, the most important decision is the first one: choosing the right contractor. The company you select drives the quality of both your remodeling experience and your finished home. Because of this, it’s critical to look beyond just price and consider the expertise, reputation and trustworthiness of the companies bidding the project.


As with most things, you get what you pay for when you work with a remodeling contractor. Since custom remodeling projects can’t be completed in volume like new homes, there are few bulk discounts available. This means that most contractors you consider will have to pay similar prices for materials, labor and licensed subcontractors like plumbers and electricians. What drives the difference in their price to you? Project management and expertise. As in most fields, experienced professionals are not inexpensive. It’s a safe bet that higher-priced companies have more and better staff available to make sure your project proceeds smoothly and that you get the results you expect.

If you get bids from several similarly-qualified contractors, it is not unusual to see price differentials of 10-15%.  However, if one company is substantially lower than the rest of the options, it is not bidding the same scope of work.  That low-cost contractor is not planning to deliver you the same quality, finishes or amount of work as the others. It’s a common practice among general contractors to leave items off their initial bid, so their pricing comes in low. Then, once they are working on the job, they “find” items to present as change orders to the homeowner – so you end up paying more in the end.


New City doesn’t play those games.  We tell you exactly what we think it will take to do your whole job right up front AND we alert you to the possible change orders that might surface as a result of discoveries during the project. We think you are best served by having as much information as possible before you make your decision, even if that means our bids sometimes look higher than competitors.  It’s important to remember that the bid you accept is rarely the full price you pay in the end.


As a “different kind of contractor,” we won’t work with every client or on every project that finds us.  Instead, we’re looking for the right fit: clients that want a “partner in the process” and projects that are large enough to enable us to put or experience to work. Homeowners and contractors often end up at odds. That’s not our approach. We want to sit on the same side of the table together.

The right clients to choose New City:

Want to work with professionals who understand the business, provide paperwork to document the job, communicate regularly and always return phone calls promptly. Understand and appreciate that we will always work to deliver them the best possible project -- whatever their budget happens to be. Rely on us to approach their project as if it is our own and advise them accordingly. Value their own time highly, and want us to help them invest it wisely on the project. Know that a great remodeling experience won’t come from the cheapest alternative – but rather from a company that maintains a competent staff, runs a professional operation and prices for value.


Renovation projects are costly, but we've found many ways to deliver our clients more for their money.  We'll help you decide how to best spend your budget to include the high-impact items, while deferring work that can easily be done at a later date.  We imagine every project as if we ourselves were going to live there, and make suggestions accordingly. We pride ourselves on the quality craftsmanship of your project and the materials in it. Our construction managers are trained to maximize the use of your space and make the project flow with the rest of your home. We will work with you on the design of your project until it is perfect for you, not only structurally but aesthetically. We listen to your needs and desires and match them with the right solutions based on our design expertise. Whether rich hardwood or engineered flooring, granite or solid surface countertops, custom-crafted or prefabricated cabinets, we help you make the best use of your budget so you get high-impact solutions where they matter the most.


New City is a residential remodeling firm licensed in MD and DC. We do large additions and whole-house remodeling jobs, including 203ks. We deliver a great client experience from beginning to end.