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Choosing the right Home Inspector can be almost as important as choosing the right home... Why?   

Because many homes-even new ones-have defects that you might not notice.  However, a skilled home inspection professional has the training and experience needed to look for visual signs or defects in your home.  These defects, if not noticed and repaired prior to purchase, can end up costing you, the new homeowner, thousands of dollars in repair bills.

One of the greatest challenges for a home buyer is to find a qualified home inspector.  This is a daunting task in an industry where inspectors come and go weekly, and qualifications range from highly experienced and trained inspectors to those inspectors that have little or no experience or training.  You might say it's a roll of the dice to find the right inspector!

We perform a thorough and complete inspection of the structure and systems as well an operational check of the various mechanical systems. We evaluate their present condition and life expectancy.


You can feel comfortable selecting Florida Healthy Home Inspections...  

We do more than inspect, we consult and educate our customers with an unbiased and objective professional evaluation of the physical conditions of the home.

I guarantee it!

Jerry Andrews - Owner


Florida Healthy Home Inspections has over thirty five years experience in Plumbing, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Electrical, Mold Remediation, Pest Control, Home Inspections. 

We have over Twenty Five years experience in Project Management and installations in Single Family, Multi Family, Commercial, Industrial New Construction, Remoldeling and Additions.                           

We have over Fifteen years experience in Developement, Management and Servicing Home Warranties. This includes working with the Real Estate Industry in Selling and Promoting Home Warranties. 


With credentials like these it makes sense to have us do your Home Inspection!


'A Healthy Home is a Happy Home.' Serving Volusia and Flagler Counties with over 35 years experience.