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Intensive negotiation background and a rich heritage of experience combine to equip you with an unprecedented force in the industry. Constant care is the hallmark of my commitment to you. VA REALTOR®

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I believe my entire life has been beautifully orchestrated in order to equip me to be the best Real Estate agent. I am an Agent who will listen to your needs; attend to the details of your closing; negotiate for you throughout the entire process, and stand by you through every facet of your new adventure in finding or selling your home. Because I have been in your shoes; I know what it is like to need to sell your home quickly and I know what it is like to move to a completely new area. I am convinced I can make a difference in your move. I trust my heritage, experience, and dedication will provide unprecedented results.

My heritage has been instilled from birth in the industry of real estate. My grandparents built their own home and established the neighborhood as well as several organizations in my hometown before I was born. They continued in real estate even during their retirement years. My father built several houses throughout my childhood. During those building years, we helped him on weekends and every minute we had available outside of school. It taught me the value of time and hard work. I pledge this legacy to you as a client. You will not be disappointed when you choose to work with me.

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Evann Mooney

“Your Home Our Heritage”


Hallmark senior-level Aerospace Associate Production Planner and former Air Force Ordnance Specialist and Manager with more than ten years of combined experience; perform as central advisor for overall implementation of goals, providing infrastructure, integrity, security, regulatory compliance, telecommunications, and management while reenergizing customer relationships. Results- and accomplishment-oriented, persuasive director, manager, leader, and supervisor with high-level achievement and success at strategic thinking, problem solving, organizational buy-in, project rollout, cross-functional teams, and project deployment. Accelerated promotions due to superior achievement throughout career; established ability to accomplish operations alignment to increase large percentages of process improvements and change management initiatives. Outstanding professional and liaison as evidenced by interacting with diverse audiences, and advanced interactions with Senior Government officials, including Secretary of State Baker and his advance team while in Brussels, Belgium, Senior Corporate officials, colleagues, Government Organizations, Private Industry, general public, Technical experts, Nongovernmental Organizations, International Organizations, and Foreign Government Officials while serving as Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Supervisor in the U.S. Air Force. Provide outstanding leadership, presentation, and communication skills (oral, written, and graphic reporting), and report to the top organizational positions of the company. Influence and maintain customer interface and relationships through a culmination of trust, confidence, innate talents, social intelligence, and approachable methods coupled with providing and producing outstanding results.

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