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Hello, I own and operate an overseas property business promoting investment and lifestlye homes in countries that have strong real estate markets.

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Hello, My name is Sam Crouch and I am the Director of The Overseas Property People LLC (TOP People), an overseas real estate sales company. Born in the UK, I am now based in Daytona Beach, Florida with my wife and son. I started TOP People because I saw a gap in the market for overseas real estate promotion in the US. Having come from the UK where the overseas property business is a huge industry (mainly because the weather is so miserable) I saw the need for a similar industry in the US. However with the US being such a diverse, beautiful country why would anyone want (or need) to leave? The answer came during the economic crisis in 2008. Everyone needs to diversify! Investors, pensioners, young families saving for the future! The frenzy of the credit driven markets has come home to roost and alot  of people have lost alot of money whether it be in stocks or housing. Our business is here to offer people investment alternatives as well as lifestyle choices.  

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My expertise comes from 7years in the overseas property industry. I began in the UK in 2002 marketing homes in Cyprus and Spain and gradually moved onto Florida in 2003. Over that period of time I have worked with many international developers all over the world and have observed many different markets and how they behave. I have been a part of the biggest overseas property companies and have also set up new companies the same industry. I am now putting my name to a business that I take great pride in. I only choose the best locations and developers that can deliver.

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