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Thank you for your interest in our Real Estate Networking Event.Please note, this is not a recruiting event.    We will be providing free lunch from New York Deli for those that RSVP. Please feel free to invite all your friends and colleagues as long as they are licensed Real Estate Agents. They ...
Many people see the value in new colors. That is a large part about what painting is about is a fresh clean look that adds to richness of your enviornement. Interior painting is pretty basic but requires a lot of work. For the DIY person a paint job is simple, but to do it professionally for days...
A CMA or Comparable Market Analysis helps you and your Realtor come to an agreement on what price your home should sell for. Naturally markets change as we saw from 2006 to 2009. How do we keep abreast on how much a home is worth? Your Realtor should have some concept on how an appraisal works. W...
I am a Home Inspector, General Contractor, and Realtor. I know how to do a fixer for cheap. First is starting with the right person. Go on Craigslist and find a person for 20-25 dollars an hour. Don't try and lowball on the main guy. Then go to Craiglist and buy materials before you do a fixer. G...
Ever wonder why this saying is kept around. Well, when they say this they are really talking about why Real Estate can be worth so much more in Beverly Hills CA versus Oklahoma City, OK. Image if you have the same house in both locations, which one is going for more? So what are you really buying...
How Bellingham WA Real Estate is the best place for a home sale! Everyone has their own opinion on Bellingham WA. I am a strong supporter for several reasons. First is the location. You are only an hour and half from Seattle and only 55 minutes to Vancouver BC. Both cities are amazing, and Bellin...
As mentioned, I am also a Home Inspector. Take a peek at my website and read the blog to help your clients avoid unnecessary damage.  
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When getting a home inspection, it is important to read the pre inspection contract. This will navigate you through the terms and conditions of your home inspection. The homes inspection is only a visible inspection for items that have reached the end of their useful lifecycle or have a “conduciv...

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