All kinds of resolutions are made for the new year. Many of them are weight related. A lot of them want to get into better shape...Usually weight is part of that also. But, it is a hard habit to obtain as so many issue can and do get in the way. I did not make a resolution...  
Today is the present, also known as a gift. A gift given by my Lord. And some day when my number of gifts have all been provided to me I hope to walk this staircase towards my final gift. Today, no complaints, just thanks for what I have. May God Bless us all.  
WE used to do this when we were kids. Recently I heard a young mother tell her child not to do that. The snow is absorbing toxins in the air.  WHATEVER! Snow flakes are frozen and don't absorb anything. For me, I would be worried about what may happen if you WERE under a tree doing this.  
Bill Feela lays out some issues we have with the public thinking that just because a hoe is for slae they can just run around anywhere they want, whereas, if not invited they are actually trespassing.   also the bad habit of agents sending their clients out and telling them to stop and look aroun...
Bill Feela has a story that I have to believe is simalar to many other out there. The names and situations may be different, but the culprits are all the same. Sadly we have been sold out and it is all about money.  I think there some of that going on here also. Give a read and let Bill Know what...
I missed it by a couple of days. Bill Feela turned..Well, if yoiu ask him he will say he is pushing 75. How long until he gets there is a mystery to me. But, join in with me in wishing him well. Bill does so much for others he needs some recognition although he would disagree with that.   Happy B...
Bill feela makes a great point. We waste so much time re-doing stuff in our lives. If we would slow down and do it right the first time, think of the extra time we would have. Read Bill's blog and check out his sight here in the rain. You won't be disappointed. Why is there always time to do some...
I am not much of a writer so blogging isn't a strong point for me. But, I am feeling great and just feel I want to extend a Thanksgiving wish to all. I ask but one thing and that is to be careful in your travels and with the cold weather, watch the kiddies on newly frozen waters. Be Safe!
Bill has written a blog that could and will save a life. It is about the usefulness of carrying personal protection. Most people think that just becaust they have mace or some other weapon that they will be able to defend themselves. Read this blog and see how that thought process almost got a yo...
I have been hearing about a new Movie about Noah. Have not seen any of the trailers yet, but friends who have are not impressed. But it did make me thing about this cartoon I saw a long time ago. With all the complaining about the weather and such I thought a smile to start the day was in order.  

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