Please join me in wishing William Feela A Happy birthday.This is late because of my Internet was down.Please jump on one of Bill's (as I know him) Blogs and you will finda person with knowledge and with  a great sense of humor.He is also a great Broker and would not think of working for anyone else.
PLEASE READ!!!William Feela has brought to light the use of Smoke and CO2 detectors.There are combo units out there that make people think that they are covered.William explains why you may not be covered and what to do about it.Please read, it could save a life or more. Back to home safety. Smok...
|B|uyers beware!  William Feela  has pointed out several things that will cause you to lose out on a house that  you wanted to buy.Basically you need to change a few habits and watch carefully what you are doing.Please read and take to heart.  He is not just blowing smoke at you Buyer's, Listen u...
This is on of the sadest things that can happen in Buying a home.The biggest reason is that it is totaly avoidable.It can be ok to get opinions form others but the Professional is getting paid, make them work for it.It will cost you a lot less in the long run And it has happened again.   Hi Bill,...
This is so important.William Feela has brought to the front the dangers of winter heating.He is right that not only should woad burning stoves be thoroughly checked but also otherfurnaces also.Carbon Monoxide is also a killer.Like William says, be safe!  Have the furnace and chimney's checked out...
Although this is a fun blog, it also has an underlying theme.William  Has taken time with a Grand Child.He has made a great memory.WE don't always make time for these situation s be it our won child, a relativeschild or a Grand Child.Let's let William's experience be a lesson for us all to engage...
Although we sometimes feel we know the neighbors it is good to get together and visit.We need to keep watch on our homes and others.  Ignoring the fact something strange is happening next door is just an invitationfor the same to be at our home next.Just stop and think on this. Tonight we got to ...
Bill Feela has a great formula to saving money.It does take some discipline but i can see this working well as  it has you putting in a small amount each day.For those serious about buying a house this is a great read.If you are looking to buy, give this a try once! Saving is not that hard. If yo...
This is just some good information.  We can never say it enough as every heat spell we hear of people or pets that did not survive it.So, take time and take head of the dangers that the heat poses.We want to see you back tomorrow with a smile on your face. Friday. It sounds like this will be a ba...
What a timely blog...I was in a large box store doing a return.A somewhat large man, walked up to the counter and started yelling at the young girlabout something that had broken.He demanded a refund and was cussing up a storm.The girl was terrified.I told the young gal to just call the manager.I...

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