Please everyone, join me at wishing Bill Feela a Happy Birthday.If you ask him his age he will tell you he is pushing 85.I happen to know that he has been pushing 85 for about 61 years.Junp over to one of his blogs and give him some well wishes. Happy Birthday Bill!!!! 
I am thinking back some years ago.Y2K.Remember that fiasco.?!The doomsayers were out in full force.For me, I could not have fathomed seeing 2017.Heck, I could not fathom seeing 2017 period!Life is marching along and seems to have hit double time.So to all my friends... HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Bill Feela has hit upon a very important subject for some home owners.The allure of a wood burning fireplace is  great.Even the thought of saving money with some kind of a wood burning stovedraws great attention.If you have not experience in these items, this is a very good blog to read. Your new...
Fall is a new awakening with new things to do.  At least in the northland.FFall colors are soon to be a highlight.Outdoor recreation picks up with the disappearance of many of the bugs.Hunting and hiking will kick into gear.Temps moderate in the northland so get out and enjoy it.
Willian Feela has made a great point and we see this happen often.Cut rate ins. will pay our cut rate benefits.  If you don't have full replacement value you could be in for a surprise.If you don't believe me just check your policy that you just saved a bundle on and see what the coverage is. Man...
Bill has put up a couple of nice photo's here.What I take from this is that with great equiptment, you can take  great photo's of your listings and not hire a long as you learn how to use it I love living in the country or as some call it Rural Area. WE have all kinds of wildlif...
If you have not followed William Feela's blog, you need to take a look.His look into life is refreshing and upbeat.This blog is s great example of the humor in his life.  It also shows some of the compassion that "I" personally know about him.Take a look for a smile... We are fortunate to have a ...
Bill Feela has a great point in this blog.  I have heard the comments also about being famous for what they have done.  We need to stop making these killers famous. Another mass shooting. My heart goes out to the victims and families. But my question is do we have to make the shooter famous. I ha...
William Feela points out some issues of fertilizing your lawn.Depending on how nice of a lawn you want depends on the care you give it.Take a look... Fertilizing your lawn in North Branch, Minnesota is not all cut and dry. There are many thinks to keep in mind. Temp of the ground. Is the grass gr...
William Feela has posted some good information about trimming trees.YOu can not go cutting all the time without possibilites of disease.A quick outline of things to think about It is spring and time to trim the trees. But, if yo live in North Branch Minnesota you have about a week to safely do it...

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