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Heather Wagenahls "No holds barred" take on the real estate, mortgage and personal finance markets as well as my lofty and somewhat idyllic solutions to solving national as well as personal crises of the financial kind.
This will make it much easier for our local markets to re-absorb the foreclosed inventory. I remember back in the day when this was an effective tool for those out to gouge the rising markets and keep run ups under control. The one year reprieve will give our local markets more than ample time to...
I am wondering if other brokerages are experiencing what we are or did my niche branding really work? Hee Hee. Seriously, for the last two months our phones have been ringing off the hook with folks willing and able to pay their mortgages but walking away, not even trying to short sale to go rent...
I was trying to do some recon for another agent when I came across a post from this site. The guy was right on about loss mitigation. I have added his general idea as well as my comments below. Great website and I am glad to be a part of it! He was a loss mitigator for 10 years commenting on the ...


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Here I will pontificate, wax not so poetic and pretty much let it all hang out. I am not very politically correct and that will show through quite early as you begin to follow my not so humble opinions about real estate and the state of our industry.