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Here are my thoughts from RainCamp in Dallas, TX. I can sum it up in one sentence...I need a one on one tutorial. There is way too much information to squeeze in only two days. Now I know why other members are here from outside of Texas. Here I come University. I want to thank ActiveRain for bein...
Great Blogging lessons from ActiveRain orientation. Kudo's to Steven Graham at ActiveRain for the awesome ideas on blogging. He emphasized the 4 pillars of your blog: 1. Write blog posts that answer questions of your customers. This will save you time. By posting it, you can refer back to it rath...
I just did my first radio spot on and it was fun and free.   Here is the link to the 30 minute spot.  I introduce OneGuard and then discuss the basics of home warranties.   I hope you enjoy.  And maybe you will check out and be a radio jockey too. http://ww...
I am not a Realtor, but one who is in the business with you.  I am in the Home Warranty industry in AZ and TX.  We pooled a couple of Realtors a couple years ago about ideas to add to a home warranty to make it more valuable to their clients and Re-Key came of it.  So we now send out a locksmith ...
TX Home Warranty Expert says: What do Unknown Pre-Existing Conditions really mean? In the home warranty industry, you have to be clear about the meaning of words. For instance, "unknown" means the owner of the property had no idea of the conditions existence. To help them get another opinion, a b...

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