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If you purchased a home in Columbus, Georgia, you have until April 1st to file for homestead exemption and reduce the amount of property tax you will owe for 2012 and going forward. Click here to get more detailed information and instructions. But don't delay, April 1st is not that far away!   If...
Okay, so our home is approaching its 10th year of existence, and Bob & I have had the itch to move.  Since we are Realtors in Columbus, Georgia, we put it on the market for sale and planned to build something new.    We had our home listed for a few months but found we were competing with brand n...
For the last three years the focus on new construction has been mainly in Fort Mitchell, Alabama, as the Columbus, Georgia, builders and Realtors prepared for the influx of new residents as a result of BRAC and the expected increase in population overall near Fort Benning.   With access to large ...
I was taught years ago that there are 3 stages to building a great referral source: 1. Make them know you. They must hear your name, see it in writing, see your face, and/or meet you in person at least 5 times before they will recognize and remember you. 2. Make them like you! This takes some eff...

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