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Services for Real Estate Pros - Foreign Currency Exchange Specialist
FOREIGN NATIONALS Option 1. - covers FL, NY, NJ, CA, NV, CO, CN, HI and WAMinimum Value $400KMinimum Loan Amount $150KNo Maximum Loan AmountPurchase, Refi, & Cash OutInvestment or second home.(Investment properties only for Domestic borrowers)High value Condo's ok60%LTV Max3.75% to 3.99% Interest...
We have a new UK based lender rates around 8% on LTV's 70% to 75% However it could be much lower if they put down more 50% is around 6%. These loans are underwritten with full doc criteria and based on individual borrower's affordability.  I can attach a standard doc checklist for these loans if ...
I finally found some programs for lending to foreign buyers. Contact me if you need their info.   Trevor
If you are in Polk Country Fl and you are a property manager and work with foreign nationals. I met a lady that will advertise your services for "Free" out of the UK. No Joke, if you would like more information send me an email   trevor
Believe it or not I have a guy that will loan 90% LTV to foreign nationals. There is a catch of course, they have properties listed all over the U.S. all investment ones, they will only loan on their properties, but they are really nice. Plus the terms are really good as well. I checked it out my...
I have someone that can get loans done for foreign nationals in all these States. CA,CO,CT,FL,HI,NV,NJ,NY,OR,WA If you can't find anyone or are having trouble contact me.
Contact me if you need help funding a foreign national.
  The falling Pound... Ensure that your clients make the right decision now regarding their curency transfer. The Pound has enjoyed a strong position against the Dollar all year, however this trend is not expected to continue for the remainder of 2008. On Friday, the Sterling to US Dollar rate pl...
I have put together a list of wholesale lender that still loan to foreign nationals. Email me if you would like the information.   Trevor
IF you would like information on how to market to the British send me an email. I have complied a list on how to go about doing it.   Trevor

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