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Business has been picking up, buyers are out there. Prices are still low (I believe we have hit bottom!). That being said, interest rates are slowly ticking up. The home a buyer can purchase today, compared to one he may be able to purchase in six months, may be sunstantial. Examing the cause and...
We conducted an open house in Commack last Sunday and had 62 people attend. We received numerous offers, and picked up many good buyer leads. I'm optimistic that the buyers who were sitting on the fence have come to realize that this is the moment to buy. Interest rates have started to tick up, a...
I spoke to a buyer today who wants to wait until the market hits bottom and home prices are at their cheapest. I spoke to a seller who wants to wait until the market comes back before he sells. Who is right? Is the market at it's cheapest? Is it coming back? I don't know those answers for sure, a...
The economy is picking up steam; albeit slowly. The depressed housing prices of today will be fading soon. Those that are trying to time the exact bottom of the housing market had better get ready to buy. Another opportunity like this may never come again. The buying power for civil servants (and...
With the coming of April 30, 2010 the home buyer credit will sunset (if you aren't already in contract). Many predict doom and gloom for the real estate market when this program expires; will there be life after the credit? I for  one don't feel that the market will drop off a cliff on May 1. The...

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