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Nancy finally finished her first ebook. Check it out at It's based on our approach to REO marketing with content other agents can tweak to make their own. It includes: Templates for an REO resume to send to asset managers and upload to their sites Content to build an REO w...
 For the patient buyer who wants to find the right home, a short sale can be the answer. We have partnered with a professional short sale negotiation team who have successfully completed 94% of our short sale transactions in the last year. One unique approach we take with our short sales is to su...
I don't want to get political but someone sent this to me and I thought I would share it.  May I just say Happy Thanks giving to everyone and God Bless  our troops and country for all they have done......THIS IS WORTH THE READ!  When in England at  a fairly large conference, Colin Powell was aske...
I know we all love holiday's, ... right???. I thought I would ask the question we all wonder.If you had to give give up one of the three, which would it be.Would you give up:            A) Turkey            B) Football            C) The Family Gathering Let's see who the winner is....I know where...
 Someone ask me when is a good time to call clients???  I thought I would respond by answering on a blog and seeing what others think....      I don't know if their is a good time to call. It really depends on each client and what they told you in the past. I do know that I meet allot of people a...
nancy loves to type, email, think, analyze and whatever else she does overthere. I just like to pick up the phone and call. Depending on the person -- weekly, monthly or every six weeks. It takes no time and rejection does not bother me. I just say "Next" and make the next call. Sometimes I get t...
Okay, here's a crazy idea. Stay home and wait for people to come to YOUR HOUSE! That's right.... buy cool candy (fun dip for our daughter) and get to know your neighbors. Visit, be genuine and just have fun. The best marketing approach I can come up with for this Halloween. Be safe everyone.
I have noticed latley that some people have been working allot. I know some just like to work and others feel  it's their obligation. Whether you have kids/family or whatever I would really like to know what you do to stay balanced to make sure everyone is happy and you don't go insane.
I have been wondering how many of you out their deal with your clients in a TEXT or E-mail mostly way. I'm amazed how often a client text messages me instead of picking up the phone. Call me old fashioned, but I think it's easy, faster and more personal to pick up the sticking phone. Perhaps that...
Someone told me that I need to make sure I blog with at least 50 words to get my points. I for one never gave that much thought. I beleive no matter what or how much you say that's not all that important.   ===  IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE that is most important. Is that 50 by the way??

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