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Property Matchmaker ProgramNeed to sell but you don't where to go in this strong seller's market?Apply for the Property Matchmaker Program for Sellers! Provide property details and your home will be shared with pre-qualified buyers on the list. Only your community and property details will be sha...
Depending on where you live, this may be the time of year when you keep watching the mercury drop lower and lower as weather patterns come and go. Cold winter temperatures can be difficult for people and pets to deal with, but they can also be an issue as far as your home is concerned. Freezing p...
I've never told anyone how my book came about and published. One conference, one speaker, one idea, one publisher, one book. Not usually that easy. I've been told it usually takes sending a manuscript to 200 publishers before it gets published but I like to believe it was the power of "The Secret". 
Quite a while ago, I want to say 2006, I quit a job that I allowed to abuse me for three years, if you can believe that. I can't even imagine tolerating such abuse now.Anyway, I was in my early twenties with no safety net or support; it was a huge risk and leap of faith. Since then, I always knew...
Winter and early spring are typically great times for construction projects around the house. Not only do materials tend to be a bit cheaper due to reduced overall demand, but some labor costs may be reduced as well. Because of this, some homeowners tend to start looking for add-on projects or ma...
I was in a conversation with a friend about home improvements and it wasn't until then did I realize that I view doing home improvements on my own home to be so different. I didn't know! Being a real estate agent changes how I view my home and the decisions I make about it. How about you?
Electric vehicles are increasingly popular, and many EV owners enjoy the fact that they don’t have to hit the gas station every week to stay on the road. These cars still need fuel, however, and that means that access to a charging station is very important. While there are adapters available tha...
When it comes to redoing the various rooms in your home, the bathroom is often overlooked. Some homeowners won’t even touch the bathroom unless a leak or some other problem makes it necessary. This is a really poor way to look at it, however, especially given how much time we spend in the bathroo...
Just ramblings of a very frustrated agent trying to help the loveliest couple find their dream home.We found the perfect house, seriously, the PERFECT house. I thought for sure we had it because my clients pulled out all the stops to get it. Yet it wasn't enough. I am so thankful my clients are u...
When most people talk about curb appeal, at least part of what they’re talking about involves landscaping and other greenery to make your home look inviting. That’s great during the spring and summer, and even the fall to an extent. What happens when the icy winds of winter sneak in, though, and ...

Tina Parker

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As a designated Certified Negotiation Expert, Certified Real Estate Digital Marketing, Seniors Real Estate Specialist & Certified Staging Professional REALTOR®, Tina will combine proven home staging techniques with over 25 combined years experience in design and marketing strategies, using insight into the minds of potential buyers to produce an effective marketing approach. Effective strategies to help with your real estate goals!