Six months ago this would be considered a strong buyer .   I firmly believe lenders ( the money providers for us brokers )  feel the same but they are charging for these types of good scores,  All  because of Fannie and Freddie. who have gone to  making adjustments for these type of credit scores...
I know there was an article out there that I recieved stating that the new stimulis tax credit for $8000 could be used for downpayment. Obviously I thought this was wonderful for all our active rain people and the whole country!!  I contacted my wholesale rep from GMAC and he said HUD removed tha...
This companys goal is to build loyalty within communites so that local consumers take advantage of businesses involved with local ad link.  go to   there you will see local businesses. For $50 per month you can sign up and be shown as one of the " featured businesses ". You wo...
 I totally understand that buyers in the secondary market want a higher yield or to pay less for a 6.5% coupon for example. However ( and being an originator for 25 years ) .  I thought if a buyer is locked in , directly with the lender that you are using. This to me means that it was already acc...
I have seen many industry changes over the past 30 days. This would be in the subprime market . People with less than perfect credit. If they purchased a home 2 - 3 years ago, they most likely were on an adjustable mortgage that is about to adjust. The adjustment will be quite high where they may...

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