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Death is Certain and fortunetly their is a way to protect Your family if something should happen to You or the bread winner.  We all work hard in our profession to earn a good living and almost always our goals are set to make a certain amount of money.  We want to save, give away, tithe, pay for...
Visit his work http://tribute.jimrohn.com/
Jesse Jackson is set to visit the High Desert and Inland Empire this Sunday. Jackson will speak at 9:00 am in Victorville's Loveland Church held at Cinemark 16 Theatre on Bear Valley Road and then head to Loveland's Church Congregation in Ontario, Ca.  for more info You can Visit www.highdesert.com
Active Rain is a great network to be a part of.  I have recieved 2 qualified leads in the last month from old friends who googled me and found me through the network of active rain.  They contacted me directly and I am now working on finding them a home in the Inland Empire Southern California.  ...
Happy New Year to all..  I'm so excited for a fresh start.  I understand that making New Year's Resolutions is what most of us do and at the time plan to stick to them.  For example losing weight, making more money, being a better husband, father, mother, sister, brother etc... I've read througho...
I have read and heard of many different ideas when establishing a mission statement for both Business and Life.  Some have given it a title "Your Mission Statement" and others have called it "Kick Start Mission Statement"  What ever you name it, is completely optional.  As Life passes by me and I...
There are three desired location in the High Desert, also known as Victor Valley.  Oak Hills, Spring Valley Lake, Helendale, and New developments of Apple Valley off or Bear Valley Road.  Oak Hills is an area made up of 2-1/2 acre parcels and Summit Estates is controlled by CCR's.  Spring Valley ...
It seems that everywhere we turn and listen, negative talk is everywehere in the Real Estate industry. There is a lot of finger pointing.  Alot of Real Estate professional talk as if the blame goes to the large mortgage bank.  We have to find a way to pull through this together.  Many have came i...
Lets face it the market has definitely shifted.  It doesn't mean it has happened for the worst.  To succeed in this market You have to create value to the client and work hard.  LEAD GENERATING is key.  We have definitely felt a huge pinch on resale properties here in the inland empire California...
We only have so many hours a day.  Do you believe that it is best to operate with a team or as an individual? I believe that working as a team is best, however finding the individuals and professionals that we are compatible with and share similar visions can sometimes be a challenge.  I know mos...

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