The NAR ad campaign that tells the world “We are REALTORS. Real estate is our life” bugs the crap out of me! The more I hear it (or think about it) the more it grinds on me, so I decided to do a little journaling in my online journal in hopes that it will make me feel a little better. It did help...
  For all the high-achievers out there who aren’t giving themselves enough credit for their accomplishments. For those who are isolating themselves in the name of a goal. And for those who are trying to become a version of themselves that someone else has designed. A little over a year ago, I rea...
It is absolutely critical to spend time in October to gather data you will need to develop your Success Plan for 2012. If you wait until November or heaven forbid, December, to create your strategic plan for your 2012 goals, you are already too late. Think about it. In order to be on track to hit...
Like John Maxwell says in his book, Everyone Communicates Few Connect, people are asking three questions when they encounter you. Do you care about me? Can I trust you? Can you help me? In order to help people decide if they can in fact trust you and whether or not you truly care about them, they...

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