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Real estate, Realtors, homes, buyers, children, pets....... I will comment on any and all of the above depending on what I'm thinking and what's happening in my life.
 Sabrina Fokas, Exclusive Buyer Help for all real estate transactions in and around the Baton Rouge area.
Thanks so much to all that sent emails and comments to me on this blog post.  I see that I am not the only Realtor out there that believes in "true" buyer representation and understands the detriment to buyers when agents mis-represent themselves.  Education is the key, which is what I try to do ...
I've been noticing that many Agents / Buyer Agents are marketing themselves as "Exclusive" Buyer Agents and it's a Mockery!Several definitions:  "exclusive":  1. shutting out all others from a part or share; 2. admitting only   members of a socially restricted or very carefully selected group; 3....
I've been asked by so many people what's happening in the market.  I know that the last 2 years have been very strange, Katrina/Rita did a number on all.  I have a several buyers that have called, they've run into problems with their lenders, given the option to take advantage of a moratorium the...
HAPPY HOLIDAYS to EVERYONE! I hope that home buyers, realtors, inspectors, loan officers, to one and ALL have a GREAT, Safe Holiday!  I hope all the bon fires bring joy to many children.  Santa will stuff all the stockings and bring smiles to all the girls and boys.
Relocating to a new city?  New State?  When relocating, it's important that you find a compentent, reliable, knowledgable real estate agent and brokerage to help.  It's a major decision on where you'd like to live, which schools your kids attend, shopping, etc.  I suggest that when you know that ...
As Realtors we recommend that our buyers have the home inspected.  It is important that the buyer know what is going on with the property.  Though the seller provides a property condition disclosure many times there are items that are not listed.  Most of us have hectic schedules, imagine living ...
Many people have pets and do not realize that it can be very stressful to animals, just like with humans to move from a familiar place to one that is new.  Make sure not to pack the pets favorite toys, familiar beds, food bowls that way during the move they will likely be less stressed with than ...
Over the years I've received many many emails where the sender was trying out one scam or the other.  I've never really worried about them, Nigeria, UK, delete, delete has always been my motto.Recently I've received phone calls.  Now that has me bothered a bit.  I've received one call from a man ...
During a recent transaction I was told by an in house sales representative that if my buyer wanted to add in closing cost to the purchase price that there would be a 20% charge for the closing cost, i.e. $6000 added to purchase price would be an additional $1200 so the total added would be $7200....

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Real estate, Realtors, homes, buyers, children, pets....... I will comment on any and all of the above depending on what I'm thinking and what's happening in my life.