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What a Realtor should anticipate from underwriters I put this post together as a suggestion from Mona Gersky. Thanks for the idea Mona.   Underwriters will very rarely have direct contact with the Realtor and will typically go through the processor or loan officer to get conditions satisfied. My ...
Nontraditional credit, a happy ending   I received a call from a young lady who was referred to me by an existing client. She was very excited as she was looking to buy her first house.  She had a neighborhood picked out, small down payment set aside and style of house she would like. Unfortunate...
 extra, extra read all about it, the truth about the housing market!!! John Mulkey wrote a post called What if the housing market has already recovered? that is essentially about the present state of the housing market as being the new normal. I do agree with him to some extent in the the lost eq...
  This is one of the best explanations of APR I've seen written and was written by Mark Taylor in Arizona. The only missing piece I see in this post is that APR also calculates the pre-paid interest into the mix, which really does not make a whole lot of sense. Pre-paid interest is the daily inte...
What you need to know about mortgage interest rates! The mortgage interest rates myth is perpetuated by people (many professionals) that believe the rates are derived from the government's overnight rate or the 10 year Treasury bill. The fact is mortgage interest rates are derived from the mortga...
Once upon a time...... Once upon a time in an enchanted land not too far away, there lived many happy Mortgage Loan Officers. They were happy because they worked hard and were able to help many people. One of the ways they were able to help many people was by rebating part or all of their commiss...
This a reblog from a California Realtor by the name of Karen Crowson who really sums up the value of a good loan officer. These are her words and how she views the differences in loan officers. I’ve worked with some top-notch loan officers and mortgage brokers. There are others who come into the ...
Hey look around you.....who's there??? Hey look around you....who's there? Is it someone you look up to, admire or aspire to learn from? Is it someone that you know you are better, smarter and more successful than? Who do you hang out with and who do you associate with? Hanging out and associatin...
Whose job is it anyway????? There is a lot of discussion about who is responsible for notifying the buyer about the closing costs as seen from Ralph Gorgoglione post The buyers didn't know about closing costs? Whose fault is that: The buyer's agent or the lender? Seems like a relatively simple an...
Alparetta, GA fireworks may be rained out Well it's almost 6:00 PM on the 4th of July and it's thundering and lightening with a good dose of rain so it looks like the fireworks show may be cancelled here in Alpharetta, GA. Seems like a darn shame, but as I sit here pondering I can't help thinking...

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