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It is the classic question that has lasted through the ages. To script or not to script. Some people believe it is a badge of honor to never use a script. They believe it is “beneath them” to use a script. That may be arrogance, that may be ignorance. The truth is every presentation is a canned p...
There are some people, or some places that are so unique, that you can immediately identify. Perhaps a story so wild, that you know exactly who it must have happened to simply because it could have happened to no one else. Las Vegas is one of those unique places. I’m sure that is one of the thing...
Okay, so I couldn’t go cold turkey. I had to find another way to keep a few more Friday Funnies going. So, for a few weeks, the Friday Funnies will be the TV edition. Some clips I found from past TV comedy when TV comedy meant something far different from today. Hope you enjoy the clips. Due to t...
No, I am not talking about an apple core. Or the Marine Corps. Or the core at the center of the earth. I am talking about the core of you. What are your core beliefs? What are the views that you hold about the way the world is or about how you are? What are the beliefs that never change? Your cor...
Somewhere around 155 to 160 years ago, something happened. There are dozens of stories. But basically, to honor those who died in the Civil War, people would decorate the graves or cemeteries of soldiers to honor their sacrifice. This has over the years become Memorial Day. It is not the day to t...
Okay, so I was helping someone today. I was seeking to find ways to create improvements that would benefit them. They wanted the help. They want to increase their income and so they asked me what may help them do that. So, step one – look at the metrics. In this office, there were multiple signs ...
Leave it all on the field. That is how I like to do it. I don’t like to look back and think, “I should have done a little more.” What frustrates me is how alone I feel in this. That’s why I came back to real estate sales. As a former agent, I was sick and tired of seeing agents and brokers settle...
I watched a biography on TV tonight. All about a professional wrestler named The Ultimate Warrior. Now I shouldn’t have said that because a few people won’t read what this is really about and instead they will comment “wrestling is fake”, “I hate wrestling”, “I just don’t get it”, blah blah blah....
I chose to look at Mondays as Motivational Mondays. Some of us may be thinking that we need an extra cup of coffee or an extra hour of two of sleep. I choose to say, give me an extra shot of motivation and set me on my way. As the year keeps slipping by us, I am focusing one week at a time on cre...
Friends mean well. I believe that to be the case 95% of the time at least. And yet, friends do lead others astray out of their ignorance. Today I asked a seller of a new listing when the cleaning crew was going to clean the home. I was told the crew had been called off because a friend told them ...


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