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This wonderful 2 bedroom 2.5 bath home is located in the Peccole Ranch community. Close enough to Summerlin to enjoy all of it’s amenities and yet just outside the official boundary so as to not pay the Summerlin prices. Still less than 2 miles to the Red Rock Casino, Downtown Summerlin, Las Vega...
I chose to look at Mondays as Motivational Mondays. Some of us may be thinking that we need an extra cup of coffee or an extra hour of two of sleep. I choose to say, give me an extra shot of motivation and set me on my way. As the year keeps slipping by us, I am focusing one week at a time on cre...
Taste. No - not like the recipes you love, but how you see and judge things. Taste. Sometimes 99 people can look at a painting and say it is a masterpiece. The 100th person says, “That’s garbage”. For every home we have, no matter how many people love that home, there is always someone that says,...
My mom loves Wheel of Fortune. One of the things you can do is “Buy a vowel”. By buying a vowel, the person playing the game gets a clue about what the answer may be. Often think of that what I run across a clueless person.  In my mind, I think “Get a clue – buy a vowel”. I see a person time and ...
It seems that people need a laugh – especially on Friday. So, we dig back in to classic comedy scenes from a much better age of television. Some clips I found from past TV comedy when TV comedy meant something far different from today. A more innocent time and a time of real quality. Hope you enj...
I remember it well. Driving the Interstate 15. In the middle of the desert. Either on my way to Las Vegas or back from Las Vegas. I did that a lot in 1999. I was helping with seminars in Las Vegas and still living in Oceanside (just North of San Diego). And at least twice during each drive I woul...
Just do the math. I have a seller that wanted to get some extra money out of their home. So, I advised them to do the math. If they just rented a storage space for a couple months, that costs less than $300.  They can place all of their items that can’t be placed in drawers in that storage.  In t...
Ringtones, we can change them for each and every person in our phone book. We can clips them from our favorite songs and assign just the right lyrics, chorus or music to that person. Well, I got some sure fire signs that they don’t think well of you. Here is a short list of bad ringtones. If they...
For those of you under 40, you just can’t comprehend. July 20, 1969. A nation, no more than that, an entire world united together watching one grainy black and white video live from the moon. I was watching with my parents even though it was the middle of the night. The first time man ever set fo...
There once was a time when everyone knew what it was. Unfortunately, through the years, (and through a change of ownership where it was briefly owned by a corporation that didn’t want to really make it better) many people are not aware of what Active Rain is today. As a real estate agent, Active ...


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