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Lethbridge Duplex Properties     A duplex is a type of residential buildling which has 2 seperate dwellings in it.  These 2 units can be upstairs vs downstairs or more commonly side by side.  The side by side duplex is the most popular and common style of attached property that you will find in L...
Lethbridge Condos      Most people truly do not know what a condominium is.  This is because the first condos that we all became familiar with in our region all looked the same or possibley you moved to Canada and never encountered them previously.  These original condos were all 2 storey townhou...
Here is a blog that was posted by a guy who doesn't live too far away from me and helps to explain the concept of zero lot lines.  I recently had a client who came to me wanting to view  Lethbridge real estate who wrote an offer on a property like this. What are Zero Lot Lines - Calgary, Alberta ...
 Volcanic ViewThis pic is one I took while on vacation.  The volcano in the background makes for some amazing scenery.  The locals say that if it goes off the entire city will be destroyed, however they still choose to live there.  *image owned by Robert May.  No reproduction or use is authorized...
i cant stand real estate reality shows.  They give out more misinformation and do so much harm to the actual market by doing so that they should all be investigated and penalized for fraud. I was a fan of HGTV long before I became a real estate agent. Back in the day, Designed to Sell was my favo...
  Environmental Concernssometimes we sell properties which have signs of industrial or commercial activity on them.  When we sell these properties we are obligated to do some investigation and recommend professional opinions be sought regarding environmental issues.  Take a look at this picture a...
What happened when the buyer’s agent changed a light bulb at a home inspection?   ALL agents should KNOW to NOT do any repairs at the buyer’s home inspection, including changing a light bulb!   Here’s what happened at my listing: The exterior garage light bulb was broken (not just burnt out, but...
 Waterton Lake - the weekends in southern Alberta are best spent out exploring the nearby scenery like Waterton Lakes.  The park is a fantastic place to hike and climb and you will never spend a day there without seeing wildlife.  Bear season is upon us and the black bears and grizzley bears have...
 Stay Within Your Expertise      I recently did an evaluation on a commercial property for a client.  During the physical tour of the building I took pictures of various parts of the building, the services, the design and layout.  The client asked me several questions about real estate, the marke...
It is friday of a long weekend here in Canada.  Lots of people take off and go camping, lots of others travel.  For me, I am planning on sitting at an open house tomorrow and sunday, then if I am lucky I will be able to sneak in going to the horse races and watching the preakness. Long weekends a...

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