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When a sales person has lost focus, or decided they cannot or do not want to perform, you will notice obvious signs.  It is our job as Sales Managers to watch for and react to these issues quickly.  This is not an all-inclusive list, but the obvious signs we will normally see.   The Sales Represe...
Over the years, I have read many theories about successful sales.  The one fundamental thought that made the most sense to me was that we cannot achieve maximum success if our body, mind, and sales approach are not in balance and focused.   A person cannot develop a program for achieving their bu...
Recently Allen Tappe, author of "The Power of Purpose Performance" and national sales trainer spoke to our Houston sales group about the "The Real Estate Market Today".  It was a thought provoking talk filled with insight that made those of us attending begin to see a different picture as it rela...
When Customers Will Not Become Advocatesby Ron Ledbetter  It is frustrating when you work to get a customer "on board" as an advocate and at the last minute they refuse to make the commitment.  "What happened", you ask yourself.  "Why don't they like me?"  Why don't they want to be my business pa...


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