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This Real Estate Agent at lunch "OMG" After working since 3:30 this morning until 1pm, my fiancé tore me away from the office and decided to take me out to lunch. We really enjoy this little Mexican restaurant, the food is excellent and the atmosphere is refreshing. While sitting in our booth we...
Paloma Del Sol Short Sales If you are a resident in Paloma Del Sol and considering a short sale as an alternative to foreclosing, one question you should ask before hiring an agent is, "HOW MANY SHORT SALES have they done in the past 6 months?" Rules and guidelines are changing daily and unless t...
Our minds don’t work the way we think they do This is a real study that shows 50% of the subjects miss the most obvious when too focused, also known as “inattentional blindness.” I was reading an article based on Radiologist and how they miss the obvious. (I would always recommend a second or th...
How to process a short sale Sounds so simple, and actually it is… if you have done them for 6 years. But... What if you are new to short sales or have been listing short sales and lost your short sale processor and now you’re stuck doing the work? What Next... It’s simple. Here is a quick guide,...
What is a Transaction Coordinator? Are you overwhelmed with paperwork during real estate transactions, struggling to to get time-sensitive matters addressed? This is a common problem among full-time realtors and this failure to meet important deadlines can cause you to lose a deal, create legal r...

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