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I am a proffesional Home Stager, Inteior Redesigner, also provide House Remodeling service in Atlanta, GA. I will upload my before, process, and after photos. Welcome to leave any comment and advice to my work! I would love to meet another home stager in my area!
I haven't finished whole house. I upload this gallery here for his agent can take a look staging photos. I thought I was getting better but I am still too sick to move around. I will take only ocuppied home staging only for a while till I feel better. If you have requests for vacant staging in A...
I had a request for occupied home staging. My client wanted makeover with what they alreay have at home. He wrote a list of what he likes to purchase for his new future home - new comforter set, lamps, and pictures on wall. I selected items for each room within budget. They already have large sil...
  How have you beeen!! I have beeeeen on morning sickness for last couple of weeks. I couldn't even get up to pick up the phone. I had to say sorry to the people who I have to cancel my appointments.I feel much better today so I decided to upload some of my pictures I forgot to add. With extra gr...
Hi, I almost finish staging this property in Brookheavn area, Buckhead. My client decided to purchase whole furniture and accessories instead of rent to sell them together with this house.I enjoyed selecting furniture for my client. Especially, a long dining table and leather & wicker chairs and ...
I just test listing the property I staged on I still don't know how to use this site. I will come back to fit and add some more. I thought it is nice that I can add my staged properties on and MLS for my realtors as showroom with this video clip. I thought it is...
I just finished staging 2 open houses on same subdivision. This was very first biggest project for me in one day!@ I run back and forth on between 2 houses. Furniture arrived 6pm. They took almost 2 hours to set up furniture (2 living, 2 dining, bedroom sets). I thought I brought enough accessori...
My client emailed me with this picture above to get advice to display her family photos. I usually see a lot of my clients like to display their personal photos all around the rooms like on the top of fireplace, buffet cabinet and even on coffee table. It sometimes creates clutter feelings with t...
Simple furniture arrangement. Furniture scale were too large for this small dining room. By removing 2 master chairs away from table, I created space around the wall. These two chairs were blocking the way.There is only one table cross in Before pic to as a source of color. I added colors all aro...
Eventually we couldn't follow the design theme I planned with many many many reasons...:( We just did a simple "redesign to live". We couldn't afford to do a lot of things I wanted to get done but at least we created fresh new look with small budget except plazma screen TV! << this is not a props...
I moved around same props for opposite side to take another picture. I forgot to bring a wall art, and a brown curtain I prepared:( Blame on heavy rain today!!I took first photo with an angle to show double sinks, a garden bathtub, and a shower. Second one to show a nice size window by bathtab sh...

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I do Home Staging, Inteior Redesign, House Remodeling in Atlanta, GA. I will upload my before, process, and after photos. Welcome to leave any comment and advice to my work! I would love to meet another home stager in my area!