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I have been invited to speak to a group of over 1000 investors in Australia next month. I am thrilled at the chance to visit the land "down under," and discuss my favorite topic: the unprecedented deals here in the U.S.! I must say, reading the promotional material for the event was very revealin...
INVESTOR TIP OF THE WEEK We get calls on a daily basis of members asking if we think it's time to buy in Phoenix, Vegas, or in parts of Florida and California. My answer is that while there are some great deals, you've got to be very careful. Every available index is showing red hot risk in those...
I just can't stand to see people lose money. And let's face it - most people lost money this year. Even Bill Gates is down $7B from his $50B and Warren Buffet lost $10B of his $40B. More importantly, 23% of U.S. homeowners are upside down on their mortgages. Nearly 10.7 million households had neg...
Tax Breaks for Real Estate Investors Is your tax bill bringing you down? Maybe this will cheer you up. We know that owning a home offers great tax deductions to the homeowner, but did you know about the generous tax benefits of owning rentals? One of the best deductions is the depreciation expens...
My Financial Wake Up Call This is a very personal article I wrote earlier this year.  It describes why I believe Real Estate is the best route for wealth building, I hope you enjoy it! My Financial Wake Up Call
Current Events: Latest Treasury Department Announcement WASHINGTON (Associated Press) - Treasury Department officials yesterday announced plans to increase pressure on the 71 mortgage companies participating in the government's $75 billion loan modification program. They will start this week by s...
At the bottem of this blog post is a link to an opinion article I recently wrote titled "Live where you want, Invest where it makes sense".  I hope it gives you some perspective when it comes to making investment decisions.   "Live Where You Want, Invest Where it Makes Sense"  
A caller challenged me on the radio last weekend saying that inventory was so tight that we certainly must have hit the bottom of the real estate plunge. While lack of inventory is normally a good indicator of a seller's market, there's nothing "normal" about this cycle. We know that foreclosure ...
I just returned from a trip to Indianapolis and could hardly wait to get back on the radio to talk about it. We have callers asking all the time how they can increase their current cash-flow to assist them with their goals, and up until now, I didn't have that many options to share. Now I do.Let ...

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