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We're a California based real estate investment club, helping our local and nationwide members build wealth through free education and resources. We turn ordinary folks into investors and ordinary investors into millionaires. We help real estate investors make educated decisions by providing free resources, including articles, newsletters, market updates, research on emerging markets, research links, podcasts and live weekly teleseminars taught by real professionals out in the field.

Our mission is to provide you with information, inspiration and support to help you build more wealth and create the lifestyle you really want. We believe real wealth comes from ownership of income-generating assets such as property, businesses, products, and stocks.  We accomplish our mission by providing the following things:

The Real Wealth Radio Show- where we interview real people who have created real wealth. We find out how they did it, and we share this knowledge with our listeners.

Live Seminars - to keep you informed, inspired, and networked with other like-minded wealth builders.

Teleseminars and Webinars - to understand the nuts and bolts of building wealth, including accounting and legal tips, credit repair, asset protection, and building your financial foundation. The Real Wealth Show gives you the highlights...our teleseminars and webinars go in depth.

Newsletters - to keep you updated on the latest information in real estate, the economy, and investment strategies. 

Access to Our Network - As a Real Wealth Network member you will be connected with the best attorneys, tax advisors, asset protection specialists, lenders, REO brokers, property managers, contractors and other professionals so you can build and maintain a team of experts.

Investment Counselors - Every member of the Real Wealth Network is assigned their own Investment counselor.  Your counselor is an experienced investor and real estate professional.  The counselor is available to you to answer your specific questions and to help you develop an investment stategy taylored to your objectives.  Schedule a complimentary strategy session with myself and an investment conselor by sending an message to Maggie Pike: MaggieP@RealWealthNetwork.com.


We are known for turning ordinary people into investors. Our network also is full of experienced investors, many who are millionaires willing to share their secrets to success.

We work with first time buyers, first time investors, experienced investors, and a network of experienced professionals around the country.

Topics we frequently discuss: tax benefits, self-directed IRA's, 1031's, asset protections, due diligence, understanding appraisals, title and contracts.

We also meet and discuss specific markets and investment opportunities available across the nation.  We work with teams across the USA to find great deals for our members. We target investments that have 20-30% built-in equity, rents at 1% of the purchase price and fully rehabbed turn-key properties.

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We are an informational organization helping real estate investors make educated decisions. Our website is loaded with free information, including articles, newsletters, research links, podcasts.