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When it comes to your real estate website, consumers come there in hopes of finding 5 primary tools and pieces of information when they are researching to buy or sell a home. The question is, does your real estate website and it's design easily provide the tools and information they are looking f...
Do you use all the right online marketing tools to connect with the largest growing homebuying segment in America - women homebuyers? Do you encourage your friends and followers from social media sites to take the short trip to your online marketing hub? Do you know where women congrate giving yo...
Before I answer that question, let me tell you how this post came to be. Where do you dig up your post ideas? For me, this post had its genesis as a result of an email I recently sent to one of our real estate website clients and Iowa City real estate agent Toni Rubin. Toni had a question about w...
In my previous Active Rain post, many of you voiced your desire to know "a little HTML code" so you could add those uber important h3 tagged sub headlines I mentioned on several occcassions. I confess, I'm a novice at HTML code, but I can wip out some code when I need to and sub headlines beg to ...
Do you find yourself being asked by blog and website owners to read “War and Peace” novel articles with forever scrolling content? I call these novels a "Wall of Words". The sheer thought of reading it sends me in search for the big red X or the back button. Admittedly, I have written my fair sha...
You have probably been told that you need to maintain at least one real estate blog, a Facebook Fan page, maybe you have a Twitter account plus you have to manage several profiles scattered all over social media, but are you really getting the most from your efforts? Utilized correctly, your blog...
As Monday's go, mine was going really well. I had even updated my Facebook status to say "Bobby is having a great day!" Why was this Monday such an awesome day. Life is all about how you view it, and I made a conscious decision to don my "rose colored glasses" and make it a great day. Plus, the f...
Each time we receive a Dakno Real Estate Marketing website inquiry before returning a call I go through my usual "drill" and Google the name of the party interested in our Dakno real estate website & blog products and services. (Do you go through that drill when someone contacts you about your se...
Now that you have gone through the challenging birth process of your cherished online baby, it's time to begin to help your real estate website begin to grow. Remember, a website should be considered a "living document" and that means growing your baby into a toddler, then an adolescent and maybe...
If you read my previous Active Rain post or Brad's post, you probably know that there is a big brawl happening in Virginia. From Active Rain to Utterli, this Virginia blogging event is spreding like wildfire! Talk about creating a real “buzz”. What's the Buzz all about? Be sure read our client's ...

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