With so many hats to wear and activities to be done; it is difficult to write which is the best part.It seems we go from the receptionist to make the appointment that allows us the opportunity to meet a client, have them approved; so that we may begin the process of making appointments of homes t...
Even though it is a bankers holiday; oh and those that put their time in government roles it became a busy day here.Having three showing appointments there was a call going out the door to see the property that had been shown as sold on FB! Doing due diligence the call was made and lo and behold ...
Last year about this time at a listing presentation we got to the range in pricing. The owners decided the numbers were incorrect and would be going with another agent. The price because it "is" a seller's market was going to be about $30,000 over the high end of the range.The property in the mea...

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