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What are your thoughts on listing a property for sale with a sales prices much lower than market value? For the purposes of collecting offers and creating a mulitple offer situation. Then having the seller select the best? Creating sort of a "non-official auction". If the sellers ulitmate value i...
Finally!A growing number of homeowners around the country are using a foreclosure defense that may help them retain their homes. It’s called “Produce the Note” and we want you to know this is not a mere technicality that should be treated lightly by the lender or by the Court. Everyone needs to u...
Read and heedRecently I received a telephone call from a Realtor from another state. He introduced himself, told me he had found me through Active Rain, and knew so and so, and so and so - yada, yada...... After we had finished with our introductions, he told me he had a client that had a home in...
Great Article Here is a terrific article from COSTAR. Thinking of selling your commerical/multifamily/retail/land. Read and heed. Here is a link to the original article Auction Gavels (Again) Mark the Return of Distressed Real Estate  Call it an 'Auction' or an 'Accelerated Marketing Model," The ...
Wednesday, June 24, 2009 Over the past few weeks we have seen interest rates (read this as "the cost to borrow money") increase on all sorts of loans. For comparison sake, let's look at a 30 year fixed rate loan. Less than a month ago you could lock in a rate in the mid to upper 4% range. Today t...
A good read This seems to be THE NUMBER ONE question I get.  Unfortunately there are several answers and which  is correct for you depends on the Circumstances.  I will address the common scenarios in this article. Policy in my office is to never "tell" - as in "instruct" - our borrower client to...

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