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Ok, so I started out with bad English, but this is what a seller hears when the appraisal on their home comes back below the contracted price. What happens then? Well, we start with anger on the part of the seller and their agent.I just had this happen with a listing. The appraiser decided that t...
So, you have a contract on your home. The next thing to drop might be the buyers asking you to fix a few things in the house. If you agree, these usually need to be done by a week before closing. And now you have everything done, now what?Well, hopefully, if your repair request required you to us...
It's the age old question most real estate professionals hear. We are tasked with figuring out the best price we can get for your home given its location, condition, and state of the market. We are usually pretty good at this, but I have watched as time and again homes sell for much more than the...
This has been an extraordinarily strange year for the real estate market. At the beginning of this year, our Spring market showed surprising early strength. Usually, we see buyers start looking in early February and sellers start listing about then as well. This Spring, we were seeing more activi...
Down through the aged great story tellers have been celebrated. Back in the day, before TV or Radio, yes young'uns there was such a day, people entertained themselves with stories. Thankfully great authors ( and bloggers, too) are continuing this tradition, but it seems to be dying out in the gen...
The other day I was online and I was searching for information on home generators. I have always thought it would be cool to have one of these whole house dynamos that turns on with the slightest flicker of the power coming in to the house. That thing would fire up and instantly my home would shi...
Wow, everyone is yelling from the top of their lungs VOTE!. I could not agree more. It is a civic duty that was earned over the years by good folks who gave their lives to make sure we can vote. Seems like though, there is an undercurrent in this voting business wherein the yeller seems to imply ...
Wow. Living in the Atlanta metro are, we can sometimes get the leftovers from hurricanes coming up from the gulf coast. By the time they arrive here they are mostly rain events. Hurricane Zeta arrived early this morning with some rain and 40-60 MPH wind gusts.Power is out for nearly 1 million Geo...
Yesterday I listened to a real estate attorney speak about surveys, among other things. A survey is a map of a property that shows where structures, underground pipes, and overhead lines are as well as the actual property lines. She was opining the fact that while having surveys done before a clo...
Excellent information if you are looking to purchase raw land... If you want to purchase land, one of the first questions you might ask is, what are my options to buy land? Can I get a loan? Do I have to pay cash? Do I need to apply for a regular mortgage? How can I make it mine? This post provid...

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