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In Real Estate there is a type of offer on a home called a back up offer. These offers are negotiated just like a regular offer, but when accepted, they fall in line behind the primary or first executed offer.Why submit a backup offer when the home is already under contract? Well, if the first co...
It happens occasionally. A buyer gets all the way to within a day or two of closing and something changes where they no longer want to buy the home. No problem, right? Nope. It can be a big problem.I had this happen this week. My buyer had been under contract for a month and was past all of his t...
Flexibility: The ability to roll with the punches. - den Boer dictionaryIn Real Estate I find that the ability to remain flexible can payoff in less anxiety and craziness. I have had 2 recent closings delayed, on multiple times, because of lender issues. However, delays can come from any directio...
I have a new listing coming up soon, and as usual, I scheduled a cleaning service to come in right before photos are to be taken to make the home look great. Normally the home owner actually spiffs up their home even before the cleaners arrive. Yesterday this was not the case. The owners, knowing...
I work with two investors who buy rundown homes, fix them up, and rent them out. For one of these two he is making about $8,000 per month in rental income. The other has just started and the picture shows his first flip. Instead of renting this one he decided to sell, making around $35,000 in 4 m...
I friend and fellow Realtor has started teaching other agents the fine art of calling expired listings. He has been very successful with this over the years and felt like he would like to give back. Surprisingly, he has found a passion, teaching. He told me the other day he enjoys teaching even m...
Emails and text messages can be really bad for communicating. They do not have the ability to convey nuances that a phone call can do.Yesterday, a buyers agent working to help a buyer close on a listing I have, emailed me a question that I have answered for her several times before. Being very bu...
Ok, so I started out with bad English, but this is what a seller hears when the appraisal on their home comes back below the contracted price. What happens then? Well, we start with anger on the part of the seller and their agent.I just had this happen with a listing. The appraiser decided that t...
So, you have a contract on your home. The next thing to drop might be the buyers asking you to fix a few things in the house. If you agree, these usually need to be done by a week before closing. And now you have everything done, now what?Well, hopefully, if your repair request required you to us...
It's the age old question most real estate professionals hear. We are tasked with figuring out the best price we can get for your home given its location, condition, and state of the market. We are usually pretty good at this, but I have watched as time and again homes sell for much more than the...

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