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Nope, don't get excited. No one got "Offed" in my listing. A termination happens when a contract is ended before closing, usually by the Buyer. The reasons are many. So far, I have had 3 terminations on the same listing in about a month.So what is the problem? Well, the first buyer, even though t...
Real Estate can be exciting! I was visiting a new listing yesterday that is located, literally on a mountainside. It has a really great view from the top. There is just one issue...The home sits down a narrow gravel / dirt road. About halfway up this road you pass a sign that states, 4 wheel vehi...
These days a Real Estate agent needs to wear many hats. Those that can expose home listings to the most eyeballs will ultimately get the most traction for their sellers. Take a look at my latest video explaining just that. 
Let's face it. We all have a friend or neighbor that is a Plumber, Doctor, Nurse, Attorney, or any of the other thousands of job holders that may have information the rest of us need. How often have you caught yourself calling a friend who is a Nurse and asking him/her about a fever or rash inste...
It's interesting to me to see how differently properties are received by agents and the public. For instance, I have homes listed at $169,900, $315,000, and $395,000. As you might expect, the lower priced property is getting 3-5 showings a day, and we have received 5 offers that the seller is loo...
I really like converting a nice front picture of a home to a Dawn shot! You need to start with a good quality picture that shows some sky above the home. What you get can be a breathtaking picture that really shows off your home!Why do I go to the trouble to do this? Easy, it grabs the attention ...
I use a professional photographer to photograph all my listings. It really pays off with spectacular images of the home. However, some homes I list are pretty bland when it comes to color. The walls are "Agreeable Gray", the kitchens are earth tones, etc. In order to catch a potential buyer's eye...
I have a listing I just took with a past client who purchased this home about 9 years ago. we discussed the plan for selling his home and a few issues came up that I had not been confronted with before.The seller would like his home listed on November 1 of this year, but does not want a sign in t...
First, let me say that I am a proponent of open houses. They are always successful if your standard is providing more exposure for your seller. I believe that the more people see a home for sale, the better chance it has to sell. With that said, let me tell you what really worked this weekend...I...
I recently listed a vacant home, and while the pictures my professional photographer took were really good, they were still of empty rooms. In an effort to help potential buyers visualize these rooms, I use a virtual staging company to add furniture to the rooms and then blow up these pictures to...

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