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I have a client looking for a home with a decent amount of property to go along with it. An acre or more would suit her just fine. There are several problems with her search, though.She is looking in a fairly developed area where larger lots are rare, and expensive. They also come with older and ...
I have many conversations with agents regarding the marketing of listings. Many times I get asked at what price point does my marketing kick in? You know, how expensive a home must I list before they get all the "Good" marketing?Without a  second thought, my answer is usually $1. ALL my listings ...
We are excited to announce that a 15+ acre tract in Cleveland Ga. is hitting the market today. What makes it special? This wooded property has great views of and a 240 foot frontage of the Chattahoochie River! These properties are rare and only come on the market occassionally. Imagine sitting i...
Interestingly, one local county, Dekalb, in the Atlanta area has enacted a "Low Flow" policy wherein any homes sold within the county must be certified as having all low flow plumbing fixtures. This policy came about during the last local drought and is an effort to conserve water.The actual maxi...
No, actually it is not OK. As a matter of fact, not getting to it could cost you a bunch of money.Once a buyer is under contract to buy a home, the clock starts ticking on several important time lines. For instance, the lender will start asking for lots of different paperwork. The Buyer will need...
As I was driving in to work this morning I was treated to a view in the sky of the latest rocket launch from Florida that is carrying the new Boeing Starliner space capsule. I looked up and saw twin contrails from a quickly moving craft. As I watched the craft staged and I saw a speck separate an...
When listing a property, not only do I use a professional photographer, but I also do full motion video. In some cases, as above, I will also incorporate drone footage if the property lends itself to it. Why do we go to the extra trouble and expense? Simple. Your home deserves the best possible m...
This time of year everyone is busy climbing in and out of storage areas, looking for all the seasonal decorations that end up scattered all over the inside of their homes, as well as outside, with lights wrapped around trees and bushes in the yard, and wreaths on every door and window. Looks nice...
When discussing repairs and updates with clients, I find it useful to be able to tell them whether or not the expected return on investment makes sense. I am able to do this by employing the Cost Vs. Value report available at essence, this report gives expected returns for ...
Nope, don't get excited. No one got "Offed" in my listing. A termination happens when a contract is ended before closing, usually by the Buyer. The reasons are many. So far, I have had 3 terminations on the same listing in about a month.So what is the problem? Well, the first buyer, even though t...

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