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Tom Kunz shares how CENTURY 21 will be using their marketing dollars in 2009 - "We are the first franchise to pull their marketing dollars out of TV and into interactive media" says Tom Kunz, President and CEO of CENTURY 21.   Listen to the Susie Hale of Frogpond Media interview with Tom Kunz.    
This will be new for some, and very elementary for others. But for those of you who want to advertise your listing on Facebook, Twitter, a Blog, or other forms of website media, here are some instructions for using 1.  Go to your listing on your website (or the Scheetz website) and op...
I had a great mentor in my life that answered the question, "How are you?" this way, every single time, "Absolutely Fantastic, how in the world are you?" I asked him why he answered this way when many days he truly wasn't "absolutely fantastic."  He said something to me that I've never forgotten ...
The information here was provided in an email by one of our Top Agents, Jeff & Debra Wilson. I love optimistic REALTORS!  It's contagious - I hope you catch the bug!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here is some good news that gets under ...
We all know that most Print advertising is like throwing your money into a big black hole, and, everyone is telling us to advertise online.  A local media company, Mediasauce says that social media, such as facebook and others is one way for us to spread the word. I was talking to a 25 year old m...
Is it just me or does it seem like no one can help you immediately anymore? I call for help, and when I hear, "I'll need to create a ticket on this" I cringe!  Uggh, I don't want to be a ticket. I know what happens to tickets, it ends up in "ticket hell". By the time someone gets back with me on ...
CENTURY 21 Scheetz has a company blog.  We partner with a company called Compendium, a great local blogware company in Indianapolis.  The way we set up our company blog was that we chose 85 main keywords that people tend to search for our area.  We also have 15 authors within this large company w...
I wrote a note the other day on Facebook that I just have to share here. Why? because the comments I received both by phone, via facebook, and in my inbox made me laugh. They were all rather similar...people could feel my pain.  But some of the comments I received said things like, "Hey, I tihnk ...
Here's what I've noticed since joining the Real Estate Industry, agents have hearts of GOLD.  No pun intended with the fact that I'm with a CENTURY 21 company and we are all about Gold.  No, seriously, if you ask for help, they are right there! It's truly impressive! We all know what the economy ...
1 Comments this is my first official Active Rain blog post. I've written blogs in several other areas, but for the longest time I've simply had a simple little profile on here without any content, how boring is that? I keep getting emails everyday from active rain and I must say, many of the blogs a...

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