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I have run into prospective buyers in the last week that have had a bad experience with a real estate agent in the past. One said they were being pushed in a direction they did not want to go in. The second didn't like their agents personality and was being pushed into looking at  three families ...
Are you familiar with the talking house? It is a marketing tool which allows people driving by your listing to tune into a radio station and hear all the details about that listing. I believe it costs a few hundred dollars but i could be wrong. There is no yearly fee which is great just one time ...
I am here in Connecticut an open house is great for finding buyers to represent but they do not seem to sell the actual listing  very often.Is this due to bad marketing or is it just geography? I think both play a part. I have heard certain percentages of sales due to open houses but i don't know...
  Some incentives i have come up with to attract business are free Home warranties, Gift cards, cash back at closing and even a big screen t.v. I would just like some feedback from real estate professionals on incentives you have given and how well they worked as far as client satisfaction and ad...

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