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Statistics show that 2/3 of new homeowners require major system repairs within the first year of their residence. If your fridge unexpectedly starts to hiss, sweat or leak then chances are that it requires an overhaul.It’s normal to speculate how much it would cost you to fix a damaged fridge. Ge...
You’ve lived in your house for a few years and you notice a shingle is coming off of your roof. Not really sure what to do you get a ladder and get up on your roof to take a closer look. It looks like it is just one shingle but you decide to call your homeowners insurance to check it out. The hom...
When buying a home you want to have it inspected. An inspection could turn up any number of issues that might need to be repaired before you buy the home or years down the road. An inspection is kind of like getting a physical from your doctor but on your home. You can see warning signs of things...
Whenever you are responsible for the upkeep of your homes appliances and home systems whether by a home you own or a home you rent you should consider the best ways to cover yourself for unexpected expenses.  When renting a home the included appliances may vary. Some landlords may include the who...

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