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Continuous updates on the motions and emotions of Bonita-Estero Real Estate, it's agents,and it's clients. These ingredients are tossed about along with perceived values and the importance of time and make a complex omelet interesting enough to break any fast.
This morning I had the pleasure of meeting, as I do once a week, with a group of men in my development. The subject this morning was security.The questions were...  What foundation are you depending on to secure your life? What do you depend on to support and direct your attitude, your energy, yo...
It's a funny thing about real estate in Florida. Everything revolves around 'the season". Right now we're in the middle of it. Of course, before season we were waiting for all the folks from around the country and globe to visit and look at the latest in inventory. Now they're here and and in mos...
I  just finished working with a client who, and I say this humbly, I  could not for the life of me, or anyone else, assure  that the bottom of the real estate market would only be seen in the rear view mirror, and once past,  would be the only way to see the next peak. As I left I was reminded of...
Not too long ago when someone would ask me about property, they wanted to know where it was located, how large it was, was it close to a golf course, how far to the beach, and how else it might fit their needs and desires. Now the questions are, how much did it sell for last year, and when do you...
Well, I've just spent a wonderful week with grandkids. Spent lot's of time with them which included trying to teach them new things to do and enjoy. No matter how hard I tried, they refused to listen to all the instructions before they began the venture into the project. I know, I know grandpa,th...
It's August in Michigan.  The Coast Guard festival is in full swing in Grand Haven Michigan. The salmon fishing is great in Lake Michigan and the weather for golf  is  unbelievable. What to do? I know it's time to head back to Florida and get "back in the grind". But, the news from down there isn...
Certainly I looked forward to this get a way to our place in Michigan. The nice  part of the Real Estate business I said,  is the ability to name your own schedule and be your own boss. This time, I said, I'm not going to think about work. This time I'm going to relax, go fishing and golfing. Thi...
Why is it that after all these years I still get the feeling that I'm going to miss something when I leave for a holiday or something? It still bothers me that the world can get along without me! Is that an inferiority complex or unbelievable ego? At anyrate, I'm going to Michigan on holiday and ...
Being a neophyte (?) in blogging I finally have started to read a few. As I've discoved a long time ago, you don't learn anything when you're doing the talking, it's only when you are listening, or in this case reading, that you can really find anything meaningful that you didn't already know. So...
Day two of blogging! In real estate today the questions,how's business etc., are the same with the answers  mostly tinted by the varying degrees of agenda being  injected by the answerer. R.E. "we've noticed an uptick in interest lately".  What does that mean?  Or, " I'm getting most of my prospe...

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