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Everyone in the Idaho area is familiar with the Property By Owner magazine that is free to the public.  I have always grabbed this magazine from time to time when I see it and thumbed thru it.  I have noticed that with the slow down in the real estate market, the magazine has gotten to be a lot t...
Everyone has heard the phrase, "you get what you pay for".  Well sometimes "free" advice is actually priceless. You have to consider the source.  In today's uncertain real estate market, more and more agents are finding themselves dealing with distressed homeowners/sellers. However, most agents o...
It's obvious that we live in the information age.  If this is true, then why do agents fail to include important information concerning their short sale listing.  Agents today seem to choose to brag about their ability to negotiate a short sale in the agent remarks rather than give important info...
This is a simple and effective way sellers facing foreclosure/short sales can better handle the harassing calls from their lenders.  So your cell phone rings and you look down only to see that Bank Of America is calling you again about your delinquent payments.  This rush of failure and stress ru...
Sellers looking for an agent to represent them in their short sale should strongly look for an agent who has personally been thru a short sale or foreclosure themselves.   Look, you wouldn't buy a car from someone who doesn't own a car.  If you diagnosed with cancer, Wouldn't you seek advise from...


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