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Recently I have had an increase in the number of out of state relocation clients.  There clients all had to travel a great deal to see potential properties in my area. There is one family in particular that traveled 4 hours from Maryland to New Jersey with their newborn and 3 year old in tow.  We...
I just worked hard on 2 BPO's for a company that shall remain nameless to protect the guilty.  One hint is that they are located in California.  My market area of expertise is North Jersey.  That is where the orders were for. As I usually do, I put alot of work into the reports that I submit.  I ...
I just finished watching Property Virgins with my wife and I just had to sya I wish real estate was as easy as they represent it to be on TV.  Believe me, I wish it was. The show does do a good job representing the search and tyhe reality of pricing.  However, that is when it looses me personally...
This Friday was like most in that I started out expecting it to be slow and hoping to leave the office early.  I started by extending 6 listings in my 2 MLS systems  and filing the paperwork with my local MLS. Then the fun rreally began.  Apparently PSE&G has "improved" their phone system.  Inste...
A few months ago I was sitting at my desk catching up on some marketing mailers when I hear another agent call my name.  She has been in the business 20+ years and had just received a call at the "up desk". The woman calling was interested foreclosure property a few blocks from the office.  The a...
About 30 years ago there waas a Country Club located in Totowa, NJ.  Hickory Hill was it's name and it stood where Hickory Hill Estates is located now.  If anyone has any pictures, photos, memories, etc.  Please shae them.  If you could e-mail photos to michael.morley@cbmoves.com that would be gr...
Here are a few ideas that have helped me complete thorough BPOs.  Some I use in every BPO so I don't forget a topic and some are phrases and ideas I use in other circumstances. Feel free to comment and share your own ideas. BPO Final Summary Topics (I use this outline to remind me of all the area...
Just listed! Fixer-upper in Abbottabad. Perfect hideaway in cozy, quiet neighborhood. Discreet neighbors. Amenities galore, including round-the-clock surveillance and complimentary air lift service for corpses. Truly a must-see
Right now I think it is too early to tell.   I thought it would be interesteing to see how others felt.  Seeing Americans around the country celebrating and being patriotic again did provide me with a glimmer of hope.  I think it all depends on whether or not there is a retalliation or not. We ne...
I just wanted to post a brief update with regards to the New Jersey REO market.  Most properties have been onhold since winter.  A New Jersey State Judge was reviewing the practices of 6 major lenders in the state.  After reaching an agreement with the lenders here is where it stands.   The lende...

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Real Estate Advice and Conversation Gathering Place to Share Your Successes!!!