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Writing on all things geeky, cutting edge, interesting or profound that I discover during the course of my mobile work day.
I was talking with my son (a 17-year-old) yesterday, and he was complaining about how quickly time was passing. This amazes me. When I was his age, time CRAWLED by. I couldn't wait until I got older so I could actually DO some stuff. It was torture to have to wait to do anything. Apparently, it w...
This Thursday, October 11th, is offering a free "Ask the Specialist" session which may be of interest to Real Estate Agents and those offering services to Real Estate Agents. It is your opportunity to come and ask your questions on how to: Present yourself online Organize ...
I have several clients who are niching their businesses HARD. I've been preaching "niche, niche, niche!" for years, but there's nothing like a tough market to make that niching come to the surface. For those of you who are still looking for a niche in your own market, I want to share some ideas f...
Were you an early adopter? Upset about having an iPhone now that the announcement was made yesterday that the price is dropping by $200 effective this weekend? Well, I have some info you may want.In an open letter, Steve Jobs offers early adopters $100 credit toward an Apple or online store purch...
I'm loving my iPhone (yes, it's still not "worn off") and I just found a page on the Apple site that is offering $100 off the units (both 8 and 4 gig models). Some are refurbished, and some are returns or restocks. All come with the standard warranty and the ability to get an extended warranty --...
Ever wondered what it would be like to have someone help you with your overwhelming work load? Have you heard about virtual assistance, about outsourcing professionals, about freelance project services for real estate, but have hesitated to try it out?How would you like to ask a real estate broke...
I was poking around here on AR when I found Jeff Turner's Active Rain blog about the iPhone (referenced from another question about "is the iPhone all that" here on AR). This led me to notice his answering machine and I was intrigued. It's kinda cool!So I went over to the Gizmoz site a...
07/16/2007 is celebrating two years as a networking organization for outsourcing specialists, virtual assistants and offsite service providers. We want encourage everyone to join us as we celebrate . . .so we have developed two great events for July and August -- and we are offering ...
Ok, I wrestled with the decision... but I did it. I broke down and got an iPhone on Friday -- despite the lines and the road-trip required to pick one up. (Maysville, over an hour away, was one of the two locations in KY that didn't sell out in the first hour -- so I made the trip!) I now have on...
Today, I wrote an article on Custom 404 Pages on my "other" blog.My mother, being a doting parent, cruised over to read my blog on a Saturday afternoon. (I have to be soooo careful what I say, since she does occasionally get a wild hair and read my blog). :O)So, she read the post and then sent me...

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Writing on all things geeky, cutting edge, interesting or profound that I discover during the course of my mobile work day.

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