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 The economy makes it a great time to buy a home, and with low interest rates, its almost wrong to not take advantage of the season. If you are one of the fortunate who still has a job, use your money wisely; don't be like other people who will be spending their little bit of cash on presents tha...
Saw a NAR commercial during I believe it was during a football game the other day. I thought it was cheesy and could use a different angle. Marketing our services as a Realtor is a tough job and there are many different types of personalities to market to. Wouldn't it be nice if there would be se...
Today is the day that we celebrate and congratulate Veterans for all the hard work, time, and commitment into serving our country. But, is it really that important?  YES! You bet it is! Many people have done so much for us to be able to enjoy our lives. They have sacrificed their lives to fight f...
What? I can save money by buying a home? That doesn't sound right! I know, I know, It sounds silly, but, have you ever thought that about this: You sell your old house at x amount which may be less than what you are wanting, but you buy a house at y amount which is way less than what you would pa...
Senate recently passed a bill offering existing homebuyers a chance to upgrade by giving them a 6500 tax credit. The same also goes for first time homebuyers but allows them up to 8000 in tax credit! So if you see a for sale sign on your neighbors yard, don't get upset, it's not because they don'...
Part 3 on how to prepare your self before you buy a home. Part 2 found us talking a little about ways that you could save up for a home. Here we briefly go over some mortgage info and a little about whether or not it is always a good decision to buy a home. Mortgage Requirements: • Verifiable Inc...
Part One went over credit and what you should do to maintain your credit. Here, I want to talk a little about ways you can save up your money. You will need some for closing costs, earnest money, and other misc. charges. Of course, these are just suggestions, find what works best for you. The mai...
When you find yourself ready to buy a home, you must plan and take the right steps to make sure you will be able to get that home that you want and deserve. Having good credit and knowing what lenders look for will help you be ahead of the game. Credit: • Make your payments before due date if pos...
  FHA released details  of a plan in which borrowers who use FHA loans can get advances from lenders that let them effectively receive the credit in advance. That means you won't have to wait to get the money from the IRS. Woo Hoo! Check out more details at:
Isn't it funny how the media really affects how consumers react? If only our voice was as powerful, I mean, we are the ones who know our markets. Why can't we educate and influence like that. Here in Austin Tx, the market is still doing pretty well. There are many mortgage companies that are stil...


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