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I have had a number of clients and associates recently involved in the short sale situation. Many timesthey have walked away from their home, as is, with valueables such as furniture, electronics, collectables, etc that are too combersome or perhaps just too emitionally painful to deal with. It s...
SACRAMENTO - Is this what a bottom looks like?This city was among the first in the nation to fall victim to the real estate collapse. Now it seems to be in the earliest stages of a recovery, a hopeful sign for an economy mired in trouble and anxiety.Investors and first-time buyers, the tradition...
We know you're very busy and important. And not being treated that way by the businesses you support (holding for 30 minutes when calling your telephone company) these are not the customer service standards that are reflective of the friendly, hometown accomodations you will receive at our compan...
Appraisers often have a thankless job - many borrowers and even industry professionals often don't quite understand all that their position in our transaction requires.  They dont understand: A) why they want to paid up front for the service, regardless of the potential closing possibility? B) "W...
Declining Markets have become a dirty word in our office. Is any market in Florida not considered "declining"?  With so many home appraisals falling short of their estimated appraised value, it is no wonder that HUD has now adjusted the guideline in reference to cash out refinances...
I recently had a customer ask me how the Federal Reserve cutting interest rates affects mortgage rates and what exactly that means... (of course the next question was   whether or not I thought they would go any lower).  While, I do not have a crystal ball, I do have the information to more clear...
Apparently, the previous "Hope for Homeowners" program was a bust. With only 25 closed loans across the entire nation, it is obvious that this wasn't providing very many homeowners with much hope. Also no-longer available, in the mortgage loan product bag, is FHA Secure.  This program forgave bor...
I recently conducted a class for our Real Estate Association and had great attendance.  Of course, I mentioned ActiveRain in my presentation. I have already been asked to come back for a second class! Click on the link below to see the summary slideshow.
  There isn't much that can compare to heartfelt gratitude and our team at PHM have always been so customer focused, that commissions/fees/payments can hardly measure to a customer who understands and appreciates your hard work. Recieving a thank you letter, knowing someone actually took time out...
Recently, I taught a class to a group of Real Estate Professionals through the affiliates brown bag lunch, hosted and organized the East Polk Association of Realtors group, where I am member.  I attempted to impart on this experienced group of Associates, what I think, they need to know, to bette...

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